Project Management

project-management_dad-helping-daughter-with-kiteAt IT4wellness we understand that the personal wellness sector does not fit into any one well recognized Information Technology sector and therefore have real difficulties finding appropriate project management services.

Vendor Management  

We offer to identify potential IT vendors, evaluate and recommend vendor solutions on behalf of clients. And/or management of one or multiple vendors system/s implementation process, insuring our clients requirements are fulfilled and budgets kept.

System Implementation / Integration

Most systems are not written to share the computer space with other systems and a new system will therefore often cause an existing system to fail, once installed. We offer project management to oversee all systems work (and play) together nicely.

System Upgrade / Configuration

How long can you afford to be without your business critical systems? Issues ranging from such small irritants as change of program commands to larger concerns such as in-ability to read the old systems data … often is successfully avoided by comprehensive planning and project management.